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The new Cellu M6 Keymodule Bringing Endermologie into the 21st Century!

Endermologie is recognised worldwide as the 'Rolls Royce' of cellulite and body contouring treatments. This revolutionary French technique has been available in South Africa since 1998 and has become the treatment of choice for the majority of women.

The term 'Endermologie' is from the French term, meaning 'through the dermis'. This scientifically proven treatment works through the skin to mobilize the underlying tissues and to cause positive change therein. Endermologie was developed in 1985 by a French engineer, Louis-Paul Guitay. M. Guitay had suffered extensive tissue damage in a car accident and was undergoing four hours of rolling manual massage per day, carried out by four different therapists, in an attempt to loosen and elasticize the scars. He found that these manual massages were so varied in quality that he designed a machine that would deliver a quality rolling massage, together with aspiration to nourish the area. This technique was used to treat burn scars with great success.

Later the technique was adapted to treat healthy tissue, resulting in reduced cellulite, improved skin tone and body re-contouring. The company, LPG Systems, is now recognised as the world leader in connective tissue manipulation.

Endermologie is a scientific approach utilizing the principle of negative pressure massage. The Endermologie treatment head is equipped with two rollers, both motorized, which roll and unroll a tissue fold, kneading and massaging the tissues. Between the rollers is a suction chamber, which applies a variable aspiration to this tissue fold, increasing the blood supply to the area. By manipulating the treatment head in various manoeuvres, the skin and the subcutaneous fat cell layer are mobilized and the blood circulation is restored. Improved lymphatic drainage eliminates metabolic toxins from the tissues. The increase in oxygen and nutrients available triggers the body's normal process for fat elimination and the fat cells begin to shrink in size. The connective tissue walls are gently stretched, which encourages the fibrous tissue cells to produce better quality collagen and elastin, thus toning and firming the body. Extensive scientific studies in Europe and the United States of America have substantiated these claims.

The most obvious innovation is the 'Keymodules™'. The 'Keymodules™' are sets of rollers, designed to target specific problems, such as cellulite, loose skin (e.g. on tummies after pregnancies) and localized fat (e.g. 'lovehandles' and inner thigh bulges). There is even a Keymodule™ designed for generalized wellness and de-stressing! The Keymodules™ can be detached and interchanged in a few seconds, allowing the therapist to choose a variety of tools during the course of a treatment, thus adapting the session to her client's needs. Another innovation is in the rollers themselves. Each roller is fitted with a miniaturized, high-technology motor. This allows the rollers to move at independent speeds, to produce the correct skin fold to treat the problem. In addition, the rollers can turn in the same or in opposite directions. (Forwards, backwards, inwards and outwards)

This independence provides for variations in speed and rotational direction, allowing the therapist to obtain a large variety of skin folds in terms of their shape, depth and thickness. The optimum roller settings are pre-programmed into the machine, making the treatment less operator-dependent. In addition, the aspiration levels have been modified and the therapist can choose levels from 0.5 to 10, in increments of 0.5, giving a total of 20 levels.With the Keymodule™, the technique has been refined and there are only two treatment paths and two manoeuvres to master. The motorized rollers mean that the machine does the hard work and the therapist needs only to guide the treatment head.

However, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the thorough analysis and assessment of the client's problem areas, so that the correct protocols can be chosen, programmes selected and treatments carried out. Clients have one or two 35 to 45 minute treatments per week and are still encouraged to eat sensibly, exercise moderately and drink two litres of water daily. A maintenance treatment once a month means results continue to improve!

Endermologie is still required to be performed by trained and certificated therapists. All South African therapists are trained at the LPG Training Centres in Cape Town and Gauteng. Only then can the clinic be registered as an accredited LPG Endermologie clinic. This ensures that the quality of the treatments is maintained.

Click here to watch our video on How Endermologie Works


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