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Women always want to be pampered and look fabulous. As women when we feel good about ourselves, we are more productive and happier in general. Part of looking good is having beautiful nails. Some of us would prefer the French manicure look, where others would prefer something funky that will catch the eye.

Acrylic nails is the preferred choice and have been around since the early 1970’s. It is durable and can easily be changed in shape, length or colour. Another big advantage of acrylic nails is the fact that you can be creative with it. The sky is the limit!

Here at Endermologie Clinic Pretoria we specialise in manicures. Our range of manicures to choose from, include acrylic sculptured nails, acrylic tips and acrylic fills. Our skilled, friendly team will give you the manicure of your dreams, at a great price.

We understand the importance of having beautiful acrylic nails and our professionals will leave you amazed.


A lot of women feel self-conscious about their feet, especially their toes, but having the right nail technician can fix all of that. Having beautiful toe nails can make a great difference in how you feel about your feet and can give your confidence a boost.

Here at Endermologie Clinic Pretoria we offer excellent, relaxing Pedicure services that will leave you in awe. We offer two types of pedicures, namely acrylic and gel. Essentially acrylic is a mixture of a liquid and a powder that is painted on your nail, which hardens when coming in contact with air. The gel on the other hand is painted on your nail and then placed under a UV light, so that it can harden.

So come to the Endermologie Clinic Pretoria and get your Pedicure, so that you can show off your beautiful toe nails.

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640 Borzoi Str, Garsfontein, Pretoria | Tel: 012 993 3864 | E-mail: info@endermologiepretoria.co.za

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