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Laser treatments pretoria
energist ultra vpl
The Energist Ultra VPL is the most advanced hair removal and skin rejuvenation system available. Utilising state-of-the-art Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) technology, the ENERGIST Ultra provides the optimal parameters for each individual, ensuring safe, fast and effective treatment.

What makes the ENERGIST Ultra special? Traditionally, most cosmetic procedures of this type have been associated with lasers. As technology has progressed, research has shown that Intense Pulsed Light and in particular Variable Pulsed Light are regularly producing superior results than the laser units originally available.

Pulsed Light units are non-laser, emitting light across a broad range of wavelengths from yellow to the near infrared region of the spectrum. The harmful shorter wavelengths and the unusable longer wavelengths are filtered out. The filtered light is preferentially absorbed by the appropriate structures in the skin

The ENERGIST Ultra; is designed so that each shot of light comprises a sequence of rapid shorter pulses. These variable pulses ensure more controlled absorption by the appropriate structures whilst minimising heating of the surrounding skin. This means that a greater range of hair and skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to V) can be safely and effectively treated than was previously possible, virtually pain free.

How does VPL work? Depending upon the treatment being carried out, light emitted from the ENERGIST Ultra is preferentially absorbed by the specific structure in the skin. For hair removal, the melanin in the hair absorbs this light and is heated to a temperature that permanently inhibits hair growth. For skin rejuvenation, various structures absorb this light and repair the damage caused by ageing and the sun.

Unwanted hair can be removed from all parts of the body, including legs, chin, upper lip, bikini line, underarm, back and chest. Treatments are carried out at approximately four weekly intervals and a series of six to eight treatments is recommended

Many skin conditions caused by ageing and sun damage can be successfully treated using the yellow light produced by the ENERGIST Ultra. These include redness, age spots, freckles, pigment changes, skin texture and fine lines. A light signal is sent to the body's collagen production system, which enhances the rate at which collagen is produced. Irregular pigmentation absorbs the light and some of the melanin-producing cells are disabled, thus evening out skin colour. Finally, fine vessels that have become apparent at the skin surface can absorb the light and be removed. The face, neck, chest and backs of the hands can be treated.

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640 Borzoi Str, Garsfontein, Pretoria | Tel: 012 993 3864 | E-mail: info@endermologiepretoria.co.za

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